Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Connect Like Never Before this Christmas with Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi

(Press Release) Still looking for the perfect gift for the whole family this Christmas? It’s about time you get a Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi, an affordable and easy-to-use WiFi kit that offers fast and reliable connection so you and your family can enjoy all your favorite online activities together like never before. 

Available for a one-time payment of Php1,995 at the Smart Online Store (store.smart.com.ph), Smart Stores and retailers nationwide, the Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi already comes with free 10GB, valid for 7days. 

No contract and lock-in period

It’s easy and ready to use: simply plug it and you can instantly connect up to 10 of your WiFi-enabled devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 

And because it is prepaid, it gives you greater flexibility because you don’t need to sign up or get locked in a contract and settle monthly bills – you simply load it up and register to data promos that suit your family’s online needs. 

Enjoy 1GB data for only Php15 

For example, you can easily top it up with GigaSurf 50, which gives you 1GB data plus 300MB for video streaming, valid for 3 days at only Php50. Even better, as an exclusive offer to Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi subscribers, you can boost your Giga Surf 50 subscription with Home Boost 15, a data promo that offers 1GB data for only Php15, valid for 1 day. 

Home Boost 15 is the perfect and value-packed add-on to your Giga Surf 50 subscription, especially when you are gearing up for heavier online activities – whether its downloading or uploading files, binge-watching, or streaming. 

Connect like never before 

Armed with the Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi, you and your family can enjoy your online activities without having to run to the nearest Internet shop or café. In the comfort of your home, you can instantly upload and share photos and videos of your precious moments this Christmas; stream and catch up on hit series and blockbuster films over the holidays; or get back to playing your favorite online games with friends while on a break. 

You can also use it to search the web for new recipes to try this season, shop for gifts online for greater convenience; work from home to beat the holiday traffic; or gear up for the year by finishing your school research online. 

Fastest LTE network 

With Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi, your whole family can enjoy the best home internet experience offered by Smart through its fastest and newest LTE connection and improved indoor coverage. 

Smart continues to dominate across all regions in terms of LTE speeds, based on the latest report by independent research firm OpenSignal. Smart has made great strides by completing its LTE network upgrade in Boracay, Metro Davao, Metro Cebu and the province of Rizal resulting in significantly faster connectivity and much better customer experience for subscribers. 

Smart has also ramped up its network improvement efforts in Metro Manila and in key cities in other parts of the country, aimed at allowing users to optimize the use of their LTE-enabled devices with the latest apps and digital content in unprecedented speed and scale. 

What are you waiting for? Get your own Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home WiFi now! To know more, visit smart.com.ph/bro and follow Smart’s official accounts on Facebook (www.facebook.com/SmartCommunications), Twitter and Instagram (@LiveSmart).

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