Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Attending an OAK Birthday Party

Attended a birthday party last December 10 with my mom and youngest daughter at Malberry Suites Hotel. I was at first hesitant to go coz I was kinda shy (Oh, come on!), hehe. My cousin, daughter of Uncle Teks, was the one who invited me. I haven't seen of this side of relatives for years and haven't even met others yet. Uncle Tek's late wife was my mom's older cousin. They lived together in one abode in Butuan City many years ago (I wasn't born then). The children (my second degree cousins) were way older than me. I often see them when I was a kid, but others I didn't meet. The one who invited me was my cousin whom I met when I already had children but we instantly connected. But I knew a great deal about her coz she was my older brother's batch and he and my mom often talks about her...or them.

Anyways, the party was sort of a reunion. It was well-organized by the kids (mainly by my cousins). Visitors (mostly my relatives) were able to reconnect to each other. Food was good, too, to the delight of my little girl :-)

Inasmuch as we'd like to stay a bit longer, my little girl wanted to go home for her much-needed naptime. But before we left, of course, we didn't miss to have our pictures taken at the photo-booth. Happy 80th Birthday Teks! God bless you with more years to celebrate with your kids, grandkids and relatives!

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