Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Song For My Sick Grandma

Quite a late post but I guess I did this on purpose :-) I'm not used of sharing my video in public but I will make an exemption on this one. In my old post, I've mentioned that our family was doing a fundraising for my sick grandmother that we came up with a dinner concert. So, last October 4, 2014, the second concert took place in our city where my brother, husband, daughter and myself participated. My sister in-law was in charge of pictures and videos (including this video I posted).

So here you can see and hear me sing Celine Dion's version of A Mother's Prayer. I did the opening song and the rest of the family members played the piano, guitar, did a solo number or duet. The concert was a success and we were truly grateful for those who came, for those who donated and supported the cause even though some were not around. Thank You Lord and may God bless us all!