Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CDOBloggers Night 2013 and Seda Hotel's 1st Year Anniversary

The year 2013 ended with a bang, as far as my blog is concerned. I started blogging 5 years ago and at that time, it was made just for fun. This blog in particular, aptly named Cookie's Corner, was created as a personal blog and had been like a virtual diary to me. As time passed, I was able to monetize out of it, though I still continued to blog about my day to day activities.

There came a time when I became inactive at blogging but then got back into it again and found new friends online. Some of these friends introduced me to exciting activities in blogging. But it was only last year that I officially joined CDOBloggers.

I consider CDOBloggers as my new-found family in the blogging world. At first, I was hesitant to join since most of the members were younger than me, but later I realized that blogging was not about age but about your passion in writing and being able to help the community. Besides, I do look young for my age, don't you agree ?(hehe!).

Last December 29, 2013 we had a Bloggers Night Award held at the 11th floor of Seda Hotel. Present during the award was Seda Hotel's manager Mr. Lorenzo Tang. I almost did not make it since I went out the night before. Good thing I managed to get out of the house (really!), although I did arrive at the venue a bit late (apologies). When the ceremony started, I felt proud of my bloggers-friends who were to be awarded that night. The Breakthrough Blog of the Year was the first mentioned and it was awarded to Sarah. I was busy clapping my hands even though the awardee was not around due to a conflict of schedule and I was chatting a bit with my seatmate when I suddenly noticed some eyes were looking at me. It turned out that I was the other awardee for the same category--I was totally shocked and speechless, I thought there must have been a mistake, hehe! Well anyway, I felt so honored for it and I thank my CDOBlogger family for the said recognition.. you don't know how proud I am to have received it. And I hope I can do even better in year 2014.
 photo DSC01926_zpsca4eeedc.jpg
Receiving my award from our CDOBlogger President Vic Madriaga
Below are the list of awardees and I congratulate everyone for a job well done. I also would like to congratulate all the officers and members for their hard work and dedication to make the event and group a successful one!

Breakthrough CDO Blogger of the Year: 
Sarah Lituanas 
Marie Therese Orteza (that's me!)

Most Active CDO Bloggers Member of the Year: 
Maria Irene Aserios 
Ruby Caberte 

Most Active CDO Bloggers Officer of the Year: 
Jean Jacques A. Agbon (VP for External Affairs) 

Best Cluster Performance of 2013

Eco-Tourism Project - Whitewater Rafting (by Rafting Pioneer) Project Head
Clement Dampal 

Committee Members:
Richard Badlisan
Michael Abonitalla
Jean Jacques A. Agbon
Maria Irene Aserios
Rosanna Lim 

CDO Blog of the Year: www.proudkagayanon.com:
Phebie Anne Normandia
award photo DSC01930_zpsdae8a991.jpg award2 photo DSC01965_zps93e520b2.jpg
                                               My Award :-)

After the awarding ceremony, we all went down to 4th floor to join the cocktail party hosted by Seda. CDOBloggers was privileged enough to be invited by the hotel in celebrating their 1st year Anniversary. The night was full of fun with great food and good music. And I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Seda Hotel. Thank you for coming to CDO!
Seda Cake photo DSC01984_zpsd9aba6ac.jpg

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