Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chloe as Lady Liberty

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Chloe as Liberty of New York
 My daughter joined a Christmas Play in their school. Since she's already a member of their Choir group, all of them were already told that they were included in the play. Although she was given a minor role, she was still happy. She's in grade 4 and most of the major roles were given to 6th graders. Well, I guess time will come for her. At least for now she had an experience.

Their play was based on Dennis and Nan Allen's Christmas Hang-Ups. My daughter Chloe was one of the souvenirs, Liberty of New York. Despite the minor role, she was still noticed by the audience maybe because of her costume plus the crown and the torch she was using. Even with short appearance and with no speaking part, we were still proud of her. Aside from her role, she also joined the cast in singing so at least she still had something else to do :-)

Overall, their play was great. We were all entertained and everyone was having a great time. I salute the committee and those who were there from day one to make their play a success.
Taking A Bow


kimmy said...

ohh! she is SO PRETTY! what a proud mom you are..

Unknown said...

She so beautiful ;)

Cookie said...

Thank you for the lovely comments Kimmy and Shira!