Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strolling at Avenue of Stars

One of the places we went to Hong Kong was at the Avenue of Stars. We were supposed to go to Ocean Park that day but it was cloudy and was about to rain. I was after of my kids' safety especially 2 year old Zoe. So we decided to just have a stroll nearby our hotel then in the afternoon, went to Avenue of Stars. But when we arrived there, it was drizzling. We kept on running for a place to cover ourselves. Although we brought Zoe's stroller with umbrella, it was not enough to cover her. The drizzle stopped so we went on with our sightseeing and had our pictures taken. Then it again rained and it was quite hard. It stopped then we continued. It was like that during the afternoon. My mom, who came with us, and I said thought that we'll have our shots taken fast with Chloe and she would just stay with Zoe nearby. As soon as we thought we covered the most important statue (of Bruce Lee, no less, hehe), we decided to go back to our place and have our early dinner. Besides, we were bound to go home the following day.
Hong Kong Skyline
Me and Bruce Lee :-)
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Colors and contrasts said...

wow, great photos, sis! glad you had a great time at HK. Thanks for joining Wednesday Whites!