Sunday, May 13, 2012

Buffet Breakfast at Pryce Plaza

It was my hubby's birthday 2 weeks ago and I've mentioned in my previous post that we spent overnight in one of the hotels in town. I'd like to share some pics below taken early the next morning. We were given 2 complimentary buffet breakfast and turned out to be heavy. Photobucket
This plate was mine. I had a fried rice, pork adobo, fried bangus (milk fish), sotanghon, corned beef and scrambled egg. Quite heavy for breakfast, huh? I forgot to take a pic of my heavy dessert :) Photobucket Photobucket My kids Chloe and Zoe enjoyed their breakfast. Zoe was free of charged while we just paid a minimal amount for Chloe.
I forgot to post a pic of my hubby on my previous post so here it is. This was taken on the night of his bday when we dined at Bigby's. The staff and crew surprised him with a B-day song and treated him with free dessert.

Be posting more pics next time and hope I won't be lazy about it :-)

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M said...

Belated happy birthday!