Sunday, May 22, 2011

No Current!

This day is so tiresome! I slept late last night taking care of baby Zoe. Then, she woke up today at 4 am because she was hungry then she played for awhile. I can't go back to sleep if she's still awake and finally at around 5 am, she slept. Her sleep would have not been disrupted if it was not for the current. There was brownout so right away, she woke up. I took care of her again, fed her, bathe her and played with her. And of course there was Chloe, too. She's quite big already but I still have to check on her if she's eating or washed properly. And late this afternoon, we had brownout again! Zoe was so cranky or perhaps she was afraid of the dark that she was already wailing! It was hard to calm her down. Only after she got tired that she went back to sleep. There was a heavy rain, too. She's still asleep right now and it's only at this time that I got to check my emails and hope to do some tasks..

Whoopsie! My gawd! No current again! Good thing I'm using my lappy battery but need to end now...And baby Zoe's awake and crying again! Damn! We even got no explanation from the electric company. Darn! Got to go...

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