Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Got Sore Eyes!

I'm kind of tired lately. Although I tried to do blogging in my other sites, but I only made a little updates here and there. The previous weekend, I was sick. I had terrible sore throat and headache. I asked favor from my mom to come to our house during daytime coz I was worried with the baby. It was also Chloe's final exam and I had a hard time reviewing her with her lessons. Last Wednesday, when I thought I felt better, I cleaned the house and did a lot of chores. But at late afternoon, I felt something's wrong with my eyes. When I looked at the mirror, my right eye was starting to get reddish. I was getting paranoid to have sore eyes this time because I had it 12 years ago and it was the worst moment of my life coz it was bacterial conjuctivitis and I was kind of blind for about 2 weeks.

Anyway, Wednesday of last week, I had sore eyes but thankfully, it was only viral. I stayed alone in another room and not let anybody get inside. My mom decided to stay at our house to look after the baby. Unfortunately, Chloe got sick, too. But determined to take the exam, she read her lessons by herself and drank her medicine religiously. Hubby busied himself with the cooking and other household chores, took a leave of absence and accompanied Chloe to school to take the test which, I hope and pray she was able to answer correctly.

Last Saturday, hubby brought Chloe to her pediatrician and found out she had tonsilitis. She was given an antibiotic and right now, she's still recuperating. I let her rest from school today. Anyway, their exam is already finished and they only go to school to practice for their recognition day.

I am fine right now but my mom wanted me to get totally cured to spare baby Zoe from any illness. What I found out while browsing the net was that, sore throat is one of the symptoms of sore eyes...hmmm... So I guess you have to be careful, too, especially that summer's here where any kind of sickness appears. Take lots of vitamin Cs and avoid crowded places. Actually, I didn't go anywhere. It so happen that my daughter's friend visited our house to think she had sore eyes a week before. Unfortunately, she brought the virus in our house. But fortunately, it's only me and I hope I'm not able to spread the virus to any of my family members.


Mummy Gwen March 17, 2011 at 1:30 AM  

Oh dear. Get well soon, Cookie ganda! Luckily your mom is here. Rest more dear.

AngelineBK March 17, 2011 at 9:26 AM  

Hope u r in speedy recovery Cookie! Eat something more cooling like fresh tomatoes and cucumber. It is good...

Ane March 22, 2011 at 9:31 PM  

Sore eyes are annoying! I hope you feel better soon and I hope none of your kids get infected. Get well soon Cookie! :)

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