Friday, January 21, 2011

Zoe's Progress

When baby Zoe turned 6 months old, she made a lot of progress in her milestone. She's now starting to crawl by trying to slide her tummy and use her knees to push herself forward. But most of the time, she pushed herself backward :D :D And I don't let Zoe sleeps beside me at bed at night anymore. She's safe on her crib, safe from mosquito bites and safe from fall especially now that she rolls so fast.

She still wakes up at night to ask for milk but at times, she sleeps thru the night and wakes up at 5 am. This is where Chloe and Zoe differ for I remember Chloe slept thru the night when she turned 4 months old and woke up only to ask milk the following morning. But every child is unique so I'll just enjoy every moment of it.

Zoe is starting to eat her solid food, too. Starting last Monday, she ate Cerelac Rice and Soya flavor 2x a day and so far she loved it! I'll be feeding her this flavor for the whole week and next week, I'll let her try another flavor.

But what I am happy about her in new development is that I don't carry her most often these days. Before, I used to carry her until she's asleep but right now, she sleeps by herself in her crib. But there were times when she wanted me to carry her for awhile until she's contented, then I put her back on her crib and then she sleeps. I am so glad for this progress!

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Chris said...

hello glad to hear that you will join us this week! i see your baby is so cute and has really developed well.. :)

see you around :D