Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home Must Haves

When we transferred to our place a year ago, we made sure that all necessary things were installed and in place. However, there were a few things that we would have liked to add. For one, we wanted to put a foyer chandelier in our hallway to give us and possible guests that unique illumination prior to entering our house. More than that, it would also serve as a decorative item during daytime. In the end, however, my husband decided on just putting up an exterior lighting since it was much more practical and could be also be installed in our porch and garage. Nevertheless, he managed to purchase one which had a great design, too.

Another set of items which we had wanted, and I say they really are a must, is putting up pot racks in our kitchen. We are currently utilizing our old pot holder and I'm not sure if it will last for the next 2 months. Some of our pots are now stored inside overhead cabinets, while others I had to put back into their boxes. I have been scouting for a nice set of pot racks recently and, fortunately, I was able to find several on the internet which were very nicely designed. I really hope these would be available in our area soon because I would definitely buy them!