Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh No!

My daughter Chloe's 3rd quarter exam ended yesterday and now they are busy preparing for their Christmas program comes Thursday (for all grade one pupils) and Friday (their own section only). I've read the schedule last week for their practices and I didn't bother reading it again yesterday. All I remember was that one of their practices will be held in the afternoon and not in the morning. I still woke up very early today but only cook the food when the clock strikes 7 am. Chloe woke up and we just had our conversation about what she was about to do during Christmas break. As Chloe relied so much on me, she just followed what I was saying. I never even boiled hot water for her to use it for bathing (we don't have hot & cold shower - besides, she doesn't like shower, she preferred the faucet and use a pail and a dipper).

We had breakfast at 7:45 am then we went back to our bedroom. Chloe sat on the bed then asked me how will she get to school? I told her that her dad will drive her to school before 1 pm and she will ride the carpool in going home. Again, she blurted out "How will I get to school today?!" Suddenly, it occurred to me that I might be mistaken in reading her schedule so, I dash out of the room and look for the sked that I put just right outside our bedroom. There, it was written that for today's schedule, they will have a practice from 8:00 am - 10:30 am at school and our clock said it was 8:00 AM!

I was running back and forth and told Chloe to change right away. She wanted to wash but I told her she had no more time and all she had to do was brush her teeth, change her clothes and underwear and off she go, hehe. She protested but looking at the clock ticking, she had no choice. I told her not to mention to her classmates and teachers that she was not able to take a bath, haha :)) She will just wash later when she arrives home.

Okay, I really blamed myself for this. It was my fault that I didn't double check the schedule. And I was surprised with myself how forgetful I was these days. I hope I don't have an early Alzheimer disease (God forbid!). I used to be very careful in knowing all activities of my kid but dunno what's up with me these days.

Thankfully my husband was still around so he was able to drive Chloe to school. I think Chloe got there right on time coz her school's time is quite different from ours (which is advance) but my husband turned out late for work, hehe.

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Unknown said...

Cookie: Have been a while, I didn't hop in ur blog. I agreed with you, nowadays I'm forgetful too.