Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tummy Tucked

My doctor told me that I will lose excess pounds 3 months after I gave birth. Three months had passed yet I still experienced heaviness in my body and I just can't wait when my bulging tummy disappears. I hardly wear jeans these days because it won't still fit me. I've researched online on how to get rid of stomach fat and I saw one helpful site. Perhaps I might try it because the effect is rapid and it is actually recommended by doctors. It's also tried and tested and it has a lot of benefits. And I hope that in a few months time, I can wear my clothes without getting too conscious of how I look.

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Unknown said...

Cookie: It takes me 2 years to get rid of my stubborn last 3kgs! Now i'm finally bec to normal and pretty good than before I pregnant. Hahaha. So you don't give up k? Try your best!