Friday, March 26, 2010

Helping The Environment

We live in a world where many hazardous chemicals and wastes are being scattered everywhere. We don't deserve that as it endangers our health and destroys all living things in our surroundings just because of somebody else's ignorance to the community.

Thankfully, there is a technology today which allows waste water and other bio-organic wastes to be used as opportunity fuels, so that instead of dumping them directly into the environment where they would normally be hazardous, they can be converted into soil friendly solids and even be utilized as an alternative energy.

Have you ever heard about N-Viro International Corporation? This company develops and licenses its technology to municipalities and private sectors. N-VIC's process converts waste water sludge and other bio-organic wastes into biomineral agricultural and soil-enrichment products with real market value. In short, their system converts waste to energy.

This company has even earned in excess of $40 million dollars since it has started in October of 1993. To know more about N-VIC, watch the video below or visit them at

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