Saturday, May 2, 2009

White Water Rafting

My aunt and my cousin, who came from Manila, had their vacation here in CDO last week. During their stay, one of their itineraries was to go on water rafting. They asked me to go with them and I hesitantly agreed. I never experienced this kind of adventure before but then I thought why not try and join the fun? My 2 older brothers and Bogie, my sister-in-law, also joined to complete the group of 6. We got the 1-pm slot and we put on sunblock in our face , neck and arms but later realized that we don't really need it as the weather was perfect. It wasn't hot at all! And so the fun begun. I thought it was scary but with the proper gear and by listening intently to our guide, you can be assured of your safety. We passed by 14 rapids and the entire 3-hour ride was so exciting. Below, sharing to you some of our pics taken last Sunday.

My very BIG grin :D

Riding a jeepney to take us to the rafting area; oi, poise pa ang mga lolas, hehe

Jump to the max; shooting the rapids that made us all WET! (Ahoo-ahoo!!)

Do I really have to jump?!.... yeah, i did jump...

The water's kinda cold!; Just ended the 3-hr adventure with my 2 brods, Aunt, SIL & cousin

More pictures for you to see below:

Jump to the highest level

Full battle gear

Pa cute muna

Still dry & not wet...


Go brothers!

Waiting for the next rapid

Hmm... snakes are hiding?..hmm

River that separates CDO & Bukidnon

Ligo (Bath) time

At the top of the rock

I love my pose, hehehe

Look! we're standing up..hehe

Our last stop

Showing off our Wet Money..want some? ;)

    When you're in Cagayan de Oro, make sure you experience water rafting to complete your vacation. It's worth the fun!


    amiable amy said...

    sus...naa ra man jud nia sa duol sa akoa village oyy pero mahadlok manjud ko ani nga activity hahaha...ambot lang kung mo try bako ani....dili ko inani ka adventurous...dili man gani ko musakay sa ferris wheel hahaha..bitaw, pagka enjoy ba jud ninyo oyyy hahaha...3 hours jud? hayyy...hadlokan jud ko...taman ra ko tan aw sa tulay...sight seeing rako...3 minutes ra baya nia from my place cookie ...gaanha mi pero tan aw rako taman....

    Umma said...

    Whoa.. kalami man sad ni nga adventure, pero hadluk man ako ni
    kay di man jud ko kahibau mag swim.

    waahh... unsaon na lang.. Kalami sad ninyo dira Cooks.. you seemed to enjoy and had s much fun lagi oi!

    Babette said...

    I tried white water rafting too and it was crazy! When we were still dating, my husband and I went with his friends. I swore I would never do it again. LOL Nice pics Cookie. :o)

    Bogie said...

    Uy, cooks... even though I've seen already the pictures pero nagkatawa pa gihapon ko ug tan aw diri.

    To Umma and Amy... pareha ta dili mga adventurous, ug dili kabalo mu swim.. busa pag try mo kay lingaw jud! as in!

    Mummy Gwen said...

    Wow..what a great adventure. You are so brave. I can't swim so this is not my kind of thrill..hehe. Nice pics. :)

    Dhemz said...

    holy cranberry sauce....hehhehe..this is exciting! kalami ba ani Cooks no...sos wala mi naka try ani when we went there last 2007...kulang ra man jud amo time...hope to do this in the future....pila bayad? unsa inyo gamit nga camera water proof ba?

    thanks for sharing Mommy Cooks...:)

    Beng said...

    wow saya naman! sana ma experience ko din yan!!!

    Chubskulit Rose said...

    Wowowow, buti ka pa mare hehehe... kelan kaya ako makakpagwater rafting.... Great adventur isn't it..

    Her Glitter Life said...

    Wo! wo! wo! Men! I love this kind of Adventure. Wish someday i will try this kind of activities. You know I love water...

    Kumusta na mommy cooks? Miss you girl. Maayo ka pa no enjoy- enjoy lang dinha. Ambot naaba na dinhi sa Chicago ang water rapting. Ma heart attack akoang bana sa akoa. Hadlok na siya og tubig. Dili kabalao mulangoy ako kay champion sa swimming so love gyud nako ng ing ana na activity.

    Muuli ko June unta mag kita tano.


    Meryl (proud pinay) said...

    hi sis, ang ganda ng mga pics mo..mukhang talagang enjoy ha ^_^
    sarap naman ng vacation ^_^

    Cookie said...

    @amy: pgvisit nimo diri puhon, basin keri na nimo ni nga adventure :) naa ra bitaw ni sa inyong kilid dapit ba? haha

    @umma: oks ra if di ka kabalo mo swim cz molataw raka sa vest, hehe. i learned how to swim after i graduated in college. at least balo nako mo float, haha.

    @babette: at least you experienced water rafting, hehe.

    @bogs: mga kenkoy man gud ta mao nang makatawa ta sa atong self, haha!

    @beng, chubskulit, Meryl: punta kayo ng CDO at try nyo rin mgwater rafting. You'll enjoy it especially if you're looking for adventures, hehe

    @Maria: haha, funny diay imong husband. and wow! champion man diay ka sa swimming. teach him how to swim nlng, haha. oi, you'll be home on June diay? maayo unta magkita ta personally ba? Ingats pd & God bless!

    kikamz said...

    wahhh! i missed doing this when i was staying there in CDO. pano, work work work kasi ako palagi. sana makapag bakasyon nang mahaba-haba at nang makalakwatsa naman kami jan. ikaw tour guide namin cooks ha? hehehe! hugs!

    me said...

    Waahhh..gusto ko gun i try Mommy Cookie..duol lang gud na diri sa try nga yan..looks exciting..hope to be able to visit Cagayan one of these days..hope we can meet Mommy Cookie..

    Madz said...

    wow what an amazing adventure dhangz, glad u have a good time together!! Mau unta mkaanhan pod me uy...heheeh

    Sensya na jud nga talagsa ra ko visit ha kay kapoy nman jud tawn, can't stay long na jud of sitting down.. Musta nman ta dha? and family?

    Uy ako baby karon kay naglihok jud, active kau sya uy.... lisod na jud tawn ko tulog, don't have much sleeping position now except lying on my back kay bug-at na kng magtakilid ko hehehheeh... then lingaw kau Ams kay most mornings na karon nga inig mata nako momata pod sya then mag yawn na sya, feel jud nako... feels so amazing, then play dayon ko MP3 sa ako tummy... dvaaa naa sya award sa iyng magmata inig mata sa iya mommy. hehehehe

    Have a wonderful day, hugs & kisses... God bless, mwah mwah.. thanks for the visits and comments....

    UPrinting said...

    Wow! I want to experience something cool like that someday. It must be an exhilarating ride.
    ...And CDO looks very beautiful. ^_^

    Eva Issabela said...

    My soft 'hi' to 'White Water Rafting' and I really got amazed having seen so many amazing water pictures on your website. You are a really fantastic blogger who gave lot of time to give something to society.

    Thanks a lot!

    Giz Elle said...

    This looks so fun!