Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twilight Series

The Twilight series of books by Stephenie Meyer are so popular nowadays, I'm pretty sure that a lot of you have probably already read them. A good friend of mine had told me to read Twilight last year but I wasn't that convinced at first. I didn't even bother to watch the movie. But last February, during which time I had contracted Mumps, my friend lent me her book, Twilight--which was the first of the series. She said it may help me divert my attention and not dwell too much on my depressing condition. And guess what? It did work, and worked wonders!

After reading the first book, I thought of buying my own copy right away but to no avail because it was always out of stock at the Bookstore. So, I decided to watch the movie and boy, was I entertained (though, I think the book version was still way better)! My friend let me borrow the second book, New Moon, and I finished reading it in one weekend. And by March, when all books were available at the bookstore, I bought all 4 books right away! My husband also started to read the books, and later, I was surprised to find out he had already finished reading all 4 books while I was still on the second book, New Moon.

I won't be divulging here the synopsis of the books, but I can highly recommend them as good very good reads.
Edward Cullen's granpa, hehehe
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ghieGANDA said...

haha.. kakatuwa naman ang pic mo! musta naman ang colleague ko? naks! hahha..

just got back from a 3-day ivt training. tapos kna ba dun mommy cooks? grabe ang experience. hhaa.. matsaket! hehe..

Karen said...

woohoo!!! love your pic indeed! thanks for lending me sundays cooks, truly enjoyed it... can't wait for you to blog about SPECIAL A! hahaha!!! kisses to chloe and high fives to glenn!

Mummy Gwen said...

Eeee...vampire..hahaha. Nice pic. Sounds like Twilight is a good read huh. Maybe I'll go get the books one day...depends whether I've got the time to read or not..hehe

Poster Printing said...

A good friend of mine gave me all four books as a Christmas present. I read through everything in four days I think haha. That's one day for each book. It's a really enjoyable reading material, you would definitely be hooked once you start.