Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What an Excuse!

I've been trying to blog about what happened the other day but I was too tired to think about it... well, I was tired mentally, physically and psychologically. I lacked sleep and I hungered for more. :)

Anyway, this is the continuation of my rantings the other day. I stayed up late at night, hoping that our helper would come home - intact - but I cannot also hide my annoyance if ever she'd show up.

I finally went to sleep at around 2:30 am but I guess I dosed off past 3 am. At 5:30 am, my husband woke me up telling me somebody was knocking at our door. He knew who it was but he was very mad that he didn't want to face that person. My head was really aching but I managed to get up. And there was our house help - intact - and brought a friend along, but I sent her friend home as she has no business with us.

She told me she went home the last night at 1 am. What a liar she was! I was wide awake at that time, even checking our windows from time to time if somebody's outside. I asked her why she did not return as she promised. She said she met her friend who invited her to a birthday party. She didn't ask my permission anymore because she said I might not allow her.

I was so mad with what she told me. How selfish of her to think only about herself. She didn't even think we were worried and that I was even hoping that she was out from danger. And I also thought she could give me a valid reason but her reason was stupid enough. I was once young like her but never this stupid! I told her that at least she could give us some respect. She asked my permission before and I even agreed but with this kind of situation annoyed me so much! I gave her a sermon. Later my husband went down and scolded her, too. He even told her to go home because of her attitude. He said he abused our kindness towards her. But then I interfered. I still pity this girl that I told him to give her a chance. My husband asked her if she plan to stay longer. And she said she wanted to stay and work longer. And he told her if that's her plan, then she can stay but we will not be as considerate as before. And even if she stayed, we don't trust her anymore.

Frankly, I wanted to sent her away, too. I survived without house help for a long time, so sending her away would lessen my burden. But I knew she needed work and I pitied her. Her mom even came here last week to asked for financial assistance and her relatives told her to be good, too, and to work well as they needed some help. I pitied her thinking how her family depended on her. I thought of her situation but thinking of what she did irritated me the most. The least thing we can do was to give her a chance but that would be the last. I gave her a sermon for almost an hour. I was so drained and tired that I fell back asleep after that. I was really in bad mood that day. But I felt I was very rude at the same time but also thought that it serves her right. We cannot tolerate this thing to happen again.


Azumi's Mom ★ said...

hi ate cookie.. you're so mabait talaga kaya medyo umabuso sya. Oh well, swerte nya binigyan mo pa sya ng chance, if not only for her family who depend on her =( goodluck and hope you could unwind after that long nights.

Chubskulit Rose said...

I hope that this chance you gave her will be valued. She need to straighten up herself.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, she must learn her lesson now or else? it's up to you sis hehehe ^_^

Have a great day sis! ^_^

Netflix 14 day free trial said...

An interesting story. Being incredibly tired makes functioning difficult.

Mummy Gwen said...

You have such a big heart. She should value her second chance and buck up.

A said...

Hay Nako Cookie, house help nga naman.. I've had the same experiences with a few of our house helps, and often they really take advantage of the fact that you need them kaya umaabuso sila.. Finally I decided not to have any househelp anymore, and you know what, I feel more relaxed and confident that my children are in good hands, mine.. lol.. :D I hope she values the chance you've given her..