Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Today is 2nd the wedding anniversary of my older brother, Tonypet, and sister-in-law, Bogie. I would like to congratulate both of them on this very special day! Their relationship lasted for almost 1o years before they decided to tie a knot. Theirs may be a long journey but it was indeed a fruitful relationship guided with love and blessings from family and friends.

Anniversary Wishes
May the good Lord see and bless you,
On your anniversary day.
May He always be your companion,
And guide you on your way.
May your bonds of matrimony strengthen,
Holding strong amidst any fears.
And may our friendship stay untarnished,
Through the wearing of the years.

By Karl Fuchs

Officially a Couple

Chloe adores her Tita Bogie very much

Bride & the Junior Bride playing Kikay

Bride & the Matrona de Honor (Me)


    Bogie said...

    Thanks Cooks! Wow.. starring mi sa imong blog. Salamat kaau sa greetings... I'll have a similar post on this later.

    God bless you sis!

    Cecile said...

    Cookie, ka gwapa talaga nimo uy pati na rin si Bogie :-), congrats na lang uli sa kanya ay sa brother mo ha!

    Dhemz said...

    woi...happy Anniversary tuod kay Bogie ug sa imo brother Mommy Cooks..bonggacious ba kaayo sa gikasal woi..asa diay ang venue ani? thanks for sharing Mommy Cooks..way to go...hehhehe!