Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Must Have For Law Enforcement

One of my husband's cousins whom I got to visit when I went to U.S. back in 2002 works with the Police Department. Before this, he even served with the U.S. Army and actually had his tour of duty in Iraq. Well, we were just thankful that he went through that well, particularly with limbs intact. One can easily tell that this guy was really destined for a career in law enforcement just from his tough looks, heavy built and towering height. Though he has that tough guy look, he really is a good guy and is quite formal with his cousins.

For anyone with a career such as his, one of the most important things to have for on-duty or even off-duty work is probably the 5.11 Tactical Knife. Good news at this, because LA Police Gear is offering a full range of 5.11 Tactical Series at discounted prices, with free shipping and even giving away free items with every purchase.

As stated in LA Police Gear's online site, every first responder, whether it is Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement or Special Operations, knows the importance of having a dependable tactical knife available for critical incidents and off-duty use. 5.11 Tactical has stepped up by partnering with subject matter expert Steve Tarani to bring a line of high quality tactical knives to the first responder market. 5.11 Tactical Knives are the best value on the market.

The wide array of 5.11 Tactical Series offered at LA Police Gear's online site include the 5.11 Tactical First Responder Spear Point Knife, 5.11 Tactical First Responder Tanto Knife, 5.11 Tactical Ten Eight Duty Spear Point Knife, 5.11 Tactical Ten Eight Duty Tanto Point Knife, 5.11 Tactical Investigator Spear Point Knife, 5.11 Tactical Investigator Tanto Knife, 5.11 Tactical C.U.B Master's Knife, and 511 Tactical C.U.B Journeyman's Knife.

Moreover, they also offer instructional books and DVD's, particularly 5.11 Tactical - Folding Knives: Carry and Deployment, 5.11 Tactical - Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight, 5.11 Tactical - Mastering the Curved Blade, and 5.11 Tactical - The Art of Disarming.

Special prices end soon, so hurry up and visit their link above.

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