Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blame It On The Rain

For the past 2 nights I went to bed very early. I had terrible head cold, sore throat and at the same time, I had my period with me. Inasmuch as I want to visit my other blogger friends, staying long in front of the computer was impossible. I only managed to visit at least 2 or 3 of them but hope I can visit all of you again soon. Sometimes, at night, I chilled but I felt better now so, anyways, thank God! Need to be well for the sake of my kid. But thank God, it was me who got sick and not my daughter.

Weather here was no good, too. We have a beautiful morning and suddenly the rain poured in the afternoon or vice-versa. And I think I need to double my intake of Vitamin C, for protection, combined with Iron for fast absorption. Plus, water therapy because it's the best medicine that I could think of :)


amiable amy said... knew better than i do cookie pie...if im sick, i only knew medicol and rest hahaha...awa ng Diyos,since birth yan lang lagi...low maintainance ba...stay healthy girl and back to blogworld soon

Daddy said...

Hi friend. Take care and rest well. Hope that you will get better soon and back to your energetic and lifely self...haha

Umma said...

You take care Mommy Cooks.. kailangan beauty rest natin hahaha

Take more liquid and get more rest.. as in total rest talaga.

Cecile said...

take dear and get some rest, we will miss you but your health is more important :-) have a nice day!

Chubskulit Rose said...

thanks for including me on your list you've visited.. Hope you're feeling alright now.. Get a lot of rest..

A said...

hey, cookie, I hope you feel better soon...:D I felt under the weather myself recently and I also had my period, but thank God I'm done with that and I'm feeling better now, hope you do too...:D

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh, must be the weather. Take care Cookie dear. Rest more and drink lots of water. Hope you are feeling much better now. :)

Pipseater said...

coookieeeeeeeee don't get sick or milli vanilli won't be singing no more. Get well soon.

Cookie said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONCERN! You all made my day :)

Amy - it's good that you're a low maintenance person, haha. When I gave birth to Chloe, I made a policy to myself, "Bawal magkasakit". Kids are vulnerable to illness, magastos pa.. so, need to stay healthy

Daddy - Thanks to you, too. I'm feeling better now and I'm about to return to my old energetic self..

Umma - OO nga, didn't forget my beauty rest coz we really need it, hehehe. didn't forget my water therapy, too ;)

Cecile - thanks for dropping by always. be visiting you back again. in fact, i'll visit all your blogs, hehehe ;)

Chubs - thanks for coming by in here, too. Sore pa rin throat ko but am ok now..

Ane - nauna ka pala. yeah, bad ang weather natin dito. pero diba malamig palagi dyan sa Baguio? Wish to visit the place again.. anyways, good to know that you're ok now especially that you have 2 kids to take care :) Bawal talaga mgsakit mga mothers!

Mummygwen - thanks a lot for your comment. I left you a comment 2 days ago but at that time, I was already feeling sick, to think I need to prepare and drive Chloe to school. Water therapy helped me a lot.

VirtualWriter - I'm getting better already... but Milli Vanilli never really sang that song, right? hehehe. The Real MV came out in the open but never gained success..oh well, that's all i know... but anyways, thanks for dropping by in here. hope to hear from you again.