Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm Nuts Over It, Yet!

My blogger friend and also Polyvore pal, Soul Anchor, made this set for me (titled Nuts). Arigato, Soul-chan, I'm so touched. I wrote about Itazura Na Kiss in my previous blog (link here) and how I became addicted to it. I was so sad, though, when the show ended recently and I'm still having a hang-over (I didn't want it to end ~~ waaaah).
Sometime ago, I introduced this anime to Soul Anchor and I'm glad she liked the show as much as I did. We sometimes chat on the internet just to talk about Kotoko-chan and Irie-kun and how we laughed at ourselves realizing that even in our age, we were so into Japanese anime (or maybe we're just a kid at heart, right? wink*). Well, as of now I'm about to 'infect' my other friends ( and blogger friends, as well) into watching this show.
I'm not a sucker for romantic love stories, but this particular one has really gotten my attention. Aside from the very cute and romantic story, I found the show to be so hilarious (really!~harhar!). I want to watch a show that would truly entertain, not to scare or put me into a depressive mood. That's why I avoid watching the local tv series here where a lot of villains appear and the lead characters were often made to suffer, duh!
Thanks to INK, my facial nerve gets to exercise by laughing a lot. I salute the late author, Kaoru Tada, for her great work. Had she not rested in peace accidentally, there probably would have been more stories to tell as I'm not over this show yet (bu~huhu).
Anyways, as for the curious readers, I've a link here on their manga scantalation (click here). The story in the manga differs a little but it's still very close to the anime version. Enjoy reading! wink*wink*


Karen said...

yes yes i agree with you totally!!! but i will add that my weakness for romance (and yes, i am a sucker for good ones/ no cheap romances please [heheh what would the definition of cheap romances be? LOL]) has reduced me to tears and of course elevated me to laughter!!! i went back to episode one toink!!! thanks cooks!

Karen said...

btw, love the title!!! so witty!

amiable amy said...

thanks for sharing that cookie pie