Thursday, October 16, 2008

Have A Little Faith

I have so many favorite Bible stories and one of them was the story about Moses from the book of Exodus. I even love the movie The Ten Commandments because it depicted the life of Moses and the many tasks that the Lord asked him to do. One of the tasks was that, Moses was to go to Egypt and spread God’s words and warnings. Moses, who was of little faith at that time, told God that he couldn’t do it. He thought that no one would believe him and that he also didn’t know what to say. But God reassured him, He will be with him. He just needed to have faith. So Moses went there and sent God’s message. Even though the Pharaoh and the others did not believe what Moses had said, a lot of people believed him.

What Moses did reminded me of myself when I was in College. I was an active member of a religious organization. The music and evangelization ministries were to be spearheaded by me. I was confident to take responsibility of the music ministry but I declined to our spiritual moderator to take care of the evangelization ministry. For one, I was scared to speak in front of many people. I was not confident and felt the need to learn more from the Bible. I didn’t believe in myself either. I was afraid people might get offended or might laugh at me when I discussed to them some spiritual matters. I felt I still needed to learn a lot before resorting into this kind of thing. But our moderator gave me some encouragement. He believed that I could do it. He said he that he would teach and guide me. And some of the senior members would be helping me, too. So, I became an evangelist. I read the scriptures to understand better. And before I knew it, I was able to conduct several talks during recollections and retreats.

But of course, I had to remind myself to practice what I preach. Human as I am, I still make mistakes. I'm no saint at all, and I have to admit that.

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