Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Little Singer

I love to talk about my little kid. Everyday, she amazes me. When she was less than a year old, I could tell she loves to sing. When I hummed a song for her, she would hum, too. She loves to listen to music, especially classical & religious music. She would fall asleep by listening Psalty’s Kid’s Praise & Worship songs; Don Moen’s songs were her favorite during naptime. Less than 2 years old, she could sing a few lyrics, although some words were not clear to hear, but you could tell she was singing to that song. She could easily follow a melody; she’s not deaf-toned. At 3 years old, she knew how to sing already but she could not finish the whole lyrics. She was already musically-inclined. When she almost turned 4 years old, she knew how to sing the Tagalog song titled “Torete”. She even sang that song during her 4th party birthday where she entertained her guests, also Britney Spears’ “Lucky”. At 4 1/2, she mastered plenty of songs. I’m proud to say that a ‘Star is Born’ in our family :). She learned and memorized Cristina Aguilera’s Reflection, Jessica Simpson’s version of Part of That World, Alladin’s A Whole New World and the song from Beauty and the Beast. She learned these songs barely a month of practicing and her voice quality is improving a lot. Her memory is sharp. I love to sing but I could not easily recall the lyrics like Chloe. I love to sing but my voice range is limited. I could say that I’m a desperate singer but I guess it’s my little Chloe who will continue to shine in this aspect and I’m very glad and proud to pass it on to her. May she continue to develop this talent of hers, and who knows?… At school, her teacher always asked her to sing on the stage or sing front of her classmates or sing during school programs. I was glad to know that she did not inherit my being 'mahiyain'. She just turned 5 last July 18, 2008 and she had a party at school where she sang her favorite Disney songs. You can view her video right here…
I couldn't be more proud of my little Chloe!
* I'll write more about Chloe's birthday on my next blog. I'm kind of busy these days. I will post more entries next time :)

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amiable amy said...

WOW! Another soprano to watch like the mommy....glad to see this video since I am not there to give my applause. Good job Cookie.