Friday, March 28, 2008

Title Search

This is my very first blog. I actually signed up yesterday but wasn’t able to continue coz I’ve yet to familiarize myself with this ‘blogging thing’. I even had a hard time signing up. And I have not yet edited my settings, layouts, even my profile!

So many things came up with my mind, too. Like what should be my header? Should I name it Cookie’s Web? Cookie the Bookie – but I’m no bookie, Cookie’s Delight? – but it sounded like an icecream, Cookie Monster – but hey, I’m no monster! Hugs and Kisses? - DUH!
Then I came up with Cookies, Skies & Diamonds – from Lucy in the sky with diamonds… but what’s with the diamond thing? I wanted a title that would somehow relate to my personality. Then I thought of Cookie the Dreamer, just like Joseph the dreamer. But I’m no Joseph who could interpret dreams. I’m just someone who loves to daydream and hope it would come true…
Finally I came up with Cookie’s Dreamland. Because I’m really a dreamer. I have so many dreams, some came true but plenty of it did not happen. So I’ll just keep on dreaming…and who knows? I might just get lucky, huh.

Oh crap! Something just popped-up my mind. Cookie's Corner sounds cool to me, too. Coz apart from being a dreamer, I'm realistic, too. And most of my blogs comes from my personal experience..So, Should I use this one? Such a fickle-minded. But that's the privilege of being a girl, you're entitled to change minds in a single snap.

I wanna start blogging - NOW. So I guess I will use Cookie’s Corner. This may be temporary until I can find the word that suits me – or this could be my permanent header…whatever…I just want to start my blog!

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Anonymous said...

Well,at least now you already have a name for your blog.And you're so familiar with the blogging thing.Cookie Corner is a nice name. It's so cute.