Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Comfy Shorts To Wear

Most of my time these days is spent at home, and I only go out if I buy essential items or do a little workout. However, while I have to admit that I am not a sporty type of person, I find ways to do stretching or spend a few minutes using my stationary bike from time to time. Since I hardly go outside because of the pandemic, walking from our garage to our backyard is my substitute for brisk walking--even then, I still remain at home. Despite the comforts of my own private space, I still need to wear clothing that allows access for movement, so it is a convenience that someone had given me collegiate shorts a few years ago, which I use up until now. While it closely resembles basketball shorts, it is more relaxed and comfortable to wear. I am planning to buy more shorts like these for myself and for my daughters so that they will join me do some exercises either inside or outside our house next time. The shorts are available online, like the Legacy History Pride where there are plenty of designs to choose from. Some are even on sale! I just hope I can find the right size for my kids and myself.

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