Sunday, November 24, 2019

My Blog's New Look

After thinking it over and over again, after how many years, I've finally decided to change the layout of my blog. I love my old layout but I guess now's the time for change. I still kept my badge though.

I'm not sure  if my new theme clicked my personality, or if it will attract new (and old) readers :-). I just need change...and for me to rediscover myself again (really?).

I made this blog years ago as my personal diary. Later, I welcomed adverts and will  still welcomed them if they will ask... But later, I found my blog so boring to read, with no updates and nothing interesting to share. I know I often promised to say something that I need to tell but didn't. So many things held me back. I felt that if I share too much my soul would be bared. I felt that if I  share some personal things about my struggles, about my family, about my life, at the back of my mind, I'm scared if I would be judged. I don't even want my post to be controversial, heck, I don't even wish that it would become viral (as if it would)...but yeah, these are some of my concerns.

I have a lot to share actually but just quite scared that the people I'm protecting will be subject to scrutiny, that they might be judged. Oh well, here goes my being super secretive again. Just hoping that on my next post, I'll be brave enough to share and hope to inspire others.

Anyways, going back to my blog's new look, I'm not even sure if this is final. I'm still considering the other simple  theme that Blogger had it customized. I love that color red-themed though coz it's also my favorite color. Lemme just sleep this new layout for a night and see what I plan to do tomorrow.

** And oh, by the way, in case you're one of the followers of my other blogs, I gave them up already as I cannot keep  track of them. It's hard to update if you have plenty of  blogs to concern about, especially if you're paying for the domain and not anymore  earning from it. Well, that's the truth. Except for Cookie's Corner, I will retain this as I've grown some personal attachment to it. Here are some of my blogs that don't exist anymore: (In My Mind) (My Fashion Café) (Live, Love, Blog)

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